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Recommended for viewing
We have collected for you several options for interesting trips near Novgorod.
Following our recommendations, you will not miss the most exciting and interesting places.
Boutique Hotel Truvor
Расстояние: 0 км.
Бутик-отель Трувор — для тех, у кого есть вкус!
Посетив наш отель, Вы окажетесь в окружении лучшего, что может дать Новгородская земля. В шаговой доступности: музеи, памятники, Кремль, набережная, парк. Вам не составит труда найти нас: отель «Truvor» расположен на территории Ярославова дворища, напротив церквей и соборов Древнего Торга.
Yaroslav's Court
Distance: 0.2 km.
If the architectural center of the Sofia side of Novgorod has always been and remains today Detinets, at the Commerce side of this kind of role to a certain extent belonged to the architectural ensemble of Yaroslav's Court.
Novgorod Kremlin
Distance: 0.7 km.
Novgorod Kremlin - a monument of military defensive architecture Rossi XV-XVII centuries, located on the left bank of the river Volkhov. The first annalistic mention of it relates to 1044.
Yuriev monastery
Distance: 11 km.
Monastery of the Holy Martyr, and Wonderworker George the Victorious, for centuries traditionally called St. George (Yuriy - dialectal form of the name George, widespread in the ancient language), is one of the oldest monasteries not only in Novgorod Diocese, but the whole of Russia.
Peryn Chapel
Distance: 11 km.
Not far from St. George's, at the very beginning of the Volkhov located Peryn ancient tract. It was in one of the largest ancient pagan sanctuaries of the Eastern Slavs - the temple of the god of thunder Perun.
Khutyn monastery
Distance: 11 km.
Varlaamo-Khutyn Monastery - (Varlaamo-Khutyn Spaso-Preobrazhensky women (previously - male) monastery) is located on the right bank of the river Volkhov in Novgorod region, 7 km from Veliky Novgorod and 3 km from the Krechevitsy.
Nereditsa Church
Distance: 11 km. 
Nereditsa Church (Christ on the Mount Nereditsa, Spas-Nereditsa?) - Transfiguration of the Lord Temple, located in the
Rurik settlement
Distance: 12 km.
Rurik settlement - archaeological site at the source of the river Volkhov on the right bank. According to the excavations, people lived continuously on this site since Neolithic times (VIII-III millennium BC).
Distance: 12 km.
Vitoslavlitsy - Museum of Wooden Architecture, which is located near St. George Monastery a few kilometers from the Great Novgorod.
Yurievskoe compound
Distance: 12 km.
Boutique Hotel "Yurievskoe Compound" located in one of the most picturesque corners of Novgorod the Great, in the immediate vicinity of the unique museum of wooden architecture "Vitoslavlice" and St. George's Monastery, favorite vacation spot of Novgorod and guests.
Vyazhischsky monastery
Distance: 16 km.
The current female Vyazhishchsky Monastery is located in the immediate vicinity of Novgorod the Great.
Country Club "Ilmen"
Distance: 20 km.
Club "Ilmen" offers: cottages for rent, rent of Russian bath on the wood, rent cafe and banquet hall, rent arbors, active play laser tag and paintball, organization and conduct of festive and corporate events, school graduations, and children's events.
Wildlife Park
Distance: 36 km.
Park nature created and developed on a private basis in Batetsky District Novgorod Region
Arakcheev barracks
Distance: 57 km.
Selishchi Village is located on the right bank of the Volkhov River, 57 km north of Veliky Novgorod on the road P-53 Polist Savior - Malaya Vishera - Lyubytino - Borovichi.
Tesovskaya railway
Distance: 63 km.
On the r/s station and village Rogavka Tёsovo-Netylsky housed one of the largest Peat USSR belonging to the union "Lentorf".
Distance: 67 km.
The land on which the village is located Korostyn, like all the coast of Lake Ilmen, was inhabited by humans since ancient times.
Museum of Nekrasov
Distance: 77 km.
The great Russian poet Nikolay Nekrasov in 1871 bought the estate Chudovskaya Luca: a two-storey wooden house with outbuilding, garden and 162 dessiatines of land.
Staraya Russa
Distance: 99 km.
Staraya Russa - the third largest city of the Novgorod region, situated on the banks of rivers Polist and Porus.
Bridge over Yaryna
Distance: 110 km.
The bridge is in Krestetsky District, over light density rail Valdai - Sacra. Built approximately in 1914-1916 years.
Manor "Cherished"
Distance: 120 km.
In the Novgorod region, 15 km from the town of Okulovka, near the village of Borok Small, lurking very interesting manor "Cherished". Or rather - what was left of it. At the beginning of the last century there lived engineer Michael Antonovich Tokarski.
Mstinsky slides
Distance: 130 km.
Country Complex "Mstinsky hill" is located in a picturesque area of the Novgorod region on the bank of the river Msta.
Cool place
Distance: 140 km.
"Cool place" - a recreation center, where you can forget about the daily routine and be alone with nature. The huge territory, which is the equipped pond for comfortable fishing. on mirror carp, grass carp, Japanese carp and sturgeon.
Distance: 140 km.
The earliest mention of "Valdai" names contained in the Novgorod birchbark manuscripts number 740 dated 1140-1151 years.
Iver monastery
Distance: 150 km.
Iversky Svyatoozersky Virgin Monastery is located on the Novgorod land, and in a completely one of the picturesque islands of Lake Valdai.
Sablinskie cave
Distance: 160 km.
Sablino - "country" mysterious caves, red rocks and waterfalls charging energy.
"Satan's Lair"
Distance: 160 km.
"Satan's Lair" - is half-ruined (exploded military care) rocket part. A popular place for adventurers, local people and tourists.
Fitness center "Olymp"
Distance: 180 km.
A unique example of modern architecture and decoration of the city Borovichi is a sports and recreation complex "Olympus" built on a special project that brings together under one roof a wide range of services.
Ski club "Lyubogore"
Distance: 190 km.
Ski club "Lyubogore" was opened in January 2015 and is already gaining popularity among residents and visitors of the Novgorod region.
Gornaja Msta
Distance: 190 km.
"Mountain Mstoy" rapids called the area between the village and the village Opechensky Posad Shibotovo in Borovichi area.
Opechenskij Posad
Distance: 200 km.
A large merchant-petty-bourgeois village Opechensky planted in XVIII - XIX centuries. It was an important center of pilotage Vyshnevolotskaya water system.
Museum of Alexander Suvorov
Distance: 210 km.
Village Konchanskoe-Suvorov (until 1950 Konchanskoe) traces its history to 1660, when the lands of the lake Sheregodra Karelian immigrants settled.
Distance: 210 km.
From the first mention of Pskov in the Tale of Bygone Years passed 11 centuries. According to the chronicles of Pskov, the city was already in 862, when the "Prince Rurik traversed s brother from the Vikings to the slovenias knyazhiti ...".
Izborsk fortress
Distance: 250 km.
Watchdog city or fortress city - the so-called Old Izborsk. The most famous part - Izborsk fortress. This monument of Russian history, architecture and culture located on a hill surrounded by beautiful nature.
Pskov-Pechersky Monastery
Distance: 260 km.
Holy Dormition Pskov-Caves Monastery - one of the largest and well-known in the Russian monasteries with a long history. The name of the monastery is due to it being in the caves (in Old Russian - Pechory), called the "God of the building" (that is, created by God).
Pushkin Mountains
Distance: 300 km.
Reserve Pushkin (Pushkin Hills) - the memorial space of A. Pushkin and place of creation of modern culture.
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